Our values

sense of belonging

A sense of belonging is key to making us feel connected to each other even though we work across different time zones.
By sharing the moments of our lives with each other, we can heal from past experiences and feel gratitude and joy for the organization as a whole. With this feeling, everyone is able to connect, feel involved and motivated with the team and the organization.

autonomy and collaboration

We believe that autonomy is both a skill and a result of the environment in which one works. We also value collaboration between team members and across teams.

We are all learning how to increase autonomy in our environment by carefully developing the ability to respect the autonomy of others, to not force others to act or accept, and to consider all voices while not hesitating to offer and accept help from others.

humanity in communication

Relationships are meaningful when they have a basis of trust. We build trust through kindness, humility, and by showing integrity.

We listen deeply to each other's needs and develop the skills necessary to receive and give feedback and show appreciation.


Diversity allows us to look at problems from different angles, attract different talent and drive innovation.

In our organization, diversity is rooted in our culture: we value everyone's ideas, experiences and profession when it comes to decision making, problem solving, and work distribution. We consider this diversity to be one of our greatest strengths.

personal growth

We imagine that people never stop learning or growing throughout their lives or careers. Our society changes so rapidly that we learn new behaviors on a regular basis. We are constantly curious about how to grow ourselves.

Through personal growth, our teams learn the skills necessary to achieve high levels of collaboration which significantly increases output. In everything we do, we create opportunities for personal growth and development.

positive impact

We want to have a positive impact in the world that matters to individual lives and touches the lives of many. We strive to achieve this goal through a balance of creativity and hard work.

We measure our work by our contribution to impact in quantitative and qualitative ways. We maintain accurate communication of our results to make measurement effective.