we make tools for the new web: 
private, trustworthy, and free from centralised control

We are ordinary people with a rebellious spirit. We believe that humans are capable of extraordinary things. We are truthful, honest, and transparency.

We are organized a bit differently than many other organizations. To understand how that works, have a look at the pages below:

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we are a self governed organization

Memri wants to be a flat or distributed organization whereby there is a large amount of autonomy with individual actors and with small groups of actors. We wish to set this up from the beginning to enable an ability to scale at unprecedented speed and to create a culture that is fun to work in because it is created by people themselves rather than pushed from the top down.

autonomy + deep democracy + enterpreunership

As Memri, we set out not only to make people's data truly theirs but also to create an effective self-governing organisation that we trust and where we are happy.

Creating an organisation that takes on this double-challenge is ambitious - without a doubt. At the same time, we are convinced that this is the only direction that fully expresses our fundamental values and beliefs in an appropriate way.

That's why we've chosen to a adopt an organizational model that facilitates just that. If you want to know more about why we think companies need to be organized differently, you can read more in [this blog post.](https://blog.polis.global/introducing-polis/)

how do we make decisions?

We strive to be a democratically-governed organization, that doesn't mean we vote on every decision we need to make simply because that slows the organization down to a halt and is extremely frustrating.

Instead we use different forms of decision making depending on the context.

meet the team

we're ordinary people with rebellious spirit

We are an international company, having people from Armenia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Pakistan, Poland, Russia and the Netherlands, and working from all around the globe :)


Ruben Daniels



Bijun Li

distributed systems & backend engineering


Koen van der Veen

machine learning research & engineering


Bram van der Lecq

self-governance coaching & Organization


Angela Wante

finance & administration


Vasili Novikov

platform lead, backend architecture, security


Stefan Vijzelaar

distributed systems, security & model checking


Karl Hütt

support services


Helena Ebert

senior product designer


Ani Amirjanyan

flutter engineer


Azat Alimov

flutter engineer


Timo Glasberger

self-governance coach


Eelco van der Wel

machine learning scientist


Muhammad Bilal