We bring AI to people without compromising their privacy.

By combining data, human-centered design, and machine learning, we build intelligent services that improve people's lives.


Memri is a decentralized, democraticly governed organization that builds and maintains the Memri project.

An easy, smart, and personalized data access experience

Data has advanced dramatically over the past decade, as have the methods by which it is used. Data is no longer scarce, it is incredibly abundant, and its uses have enabled better services and products. Our data has not been distributed fairly or ethically and our trust in organizations has been violated. It is no longer just that we are the subject of our own data, we are now its target and victim as well. But a seismic shift is coming.

We aim to redefine technology in a way that offers meaningful human experiences. We envision a world in which data-driven services offer individuals insight, inspiration, and motivation to make better decisions. We envision a world where data is accessible for all, open for users and for innovation, deeply interconnected, and, beyond all doubt, always private.

Making data accessible to you

We are protecting your privacy while providing you with an open data space. This allows you to gain a better understanding of your motivations and behavior patterns, so that you can make more informed decisions.

Inextricably linked

Data is owned by those who collect it. Since we're essentially providing easy access to multiple services, you can now link between several of them quickly and easily.

Open to user and innovation

We have designed our infrastructure to facilitate innovation as much as possible. Through its open-source design, this technology allows anyone to create and shape the future we're building together. Data offers a new soil for individuals and collectives to fuel innovation.

You have control over how your data is collected and used. It is up to you to decide how your personal data is collected, used, and shared. In addition to using your data for your own purposes, you can also benefit from sharing data.

Used to inspire insight, motivation, and ideas

One needs to see clearly in order to understand [Le Corbusier].

Information is only useful if it can be understood. Now that data is liberated and accessible to all, the impact, the value, and the sense of enriched memories of your unfolding life are now accessible, enabling growth, insight, and creativity.